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Helping schools reduce the spread of COVID-19, through the combined use of

Duct Sealing and Active Air Purification Technologies.

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REME Technology is


to combat COVID-19. 

Watch the video for a summary of the Lab Results.

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Why replace your ventilation system

when you can seal your ducts and

increase air-flow by 25-30%?

If you're thinking of upgrading your system, STOP!

This technology is a fraction of the cost and requires

no disruption or downtime.

Why treat just the air in your

ventilation system when you can proactively purify every cubic inch

of air-conditioned space?

3X better than UV systems, this technology treats the duct, the air in the space as well as hard surfaces. 

Mitigate the spread of COVID-19, while reducing your energy consumption.



Minimal Impact, Maximum Results!




Eliminates 99.9+% of Bacteria & Viruses.


Duct Sealing technology was developed and tested by Indoor Air Quality scientists within the Environmental Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It helps improve air quality and energy efficiency in everything from hospitals and schools to multi-residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Distributed by Aeroseal, this award-winning technology has been installed in over 150,000 buildings.



Increase Air Flow by 25-30%

Reduce Cross-Contamination

Improve Energy Efficiencies

Quick One-day Installation

Lower cost and no disruption


The REME-HALO is the industry’s first LED in-duct, air purification system. It proactively treats every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary, patent-pending, REME-LED technology.

It is both mercury-free and zero ozone compliant.


The manufacturer of this technology has a proven track record of over 4-million installations in over 60 countries.



24/7/365 Active Air Purification

Kills 99.9+% of Viruses and Bacteria

3 Feet Sneeze Shield

Treats air in Ducts, Occupied Spaces,

and Hard Surfaces


No annual maintenance

or service contracts

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Select, Click & Download.


Select, Click & Download.


Protect your students and staff by eliminating airborne and

surface contaminants with Photohydroionization


Managing the transmission of germs, particularly in younger students, is nearly impossible.

REME-LED is the only air-purification technology

that offers a 3-foot sneeze shield.

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When it comes

to Indoor Air Quality...

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Technology is the clear leader!

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Watch school board directors discuss the benefits of REME Technology.

"Mohawk College, through its Climate Change Leaders hub, has invited all ten school boards to pilot REME-LED and prove out the technology. We will be sharing our success and inspiring other boards to mitigate pathogens and provide safe air quality in classrooms."

The Grand Erie District School Board is working with Nerva Energy through the Climate Change Leaders Partnership™, a partnership between Mohawk College and 10 regional school boards to combine innovative technology demonstrations with experiential learning for students.

One of the goals of the partnership is reducing energy and carbon. Nerva Energy has several technologies that reduce energy by up to 25-30% while providing better quality learning environments. The CCL partnership will validate the results and provide research on the impact of these technologies on students as part of the learning hub approach.


With renewed attention on air quality in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Erie DSB and two local schools are the first in Ontario to retrofit their HVAC systems with REME-LED in-duct, air purification technology, providing students with a virus and bacteria reduced environment. In addition, students will have a chance for hands-on learning:

  • Validating and measuring REME LED and other energy-efficient technologies

  • Studying the impact on absenteeism due to illness in their schools

  • Examining the impact on energy consumption


Breathe easier, with energy savings! 

In Canada, 65% of a building’s energy goes to HVAC - the largest single source of consumption. According to Nerva Energy ducts leak at an average of 20-25%, which represents BILLIONS of dollars in annual energy waste. 

COVID-19 is shining a light on the importance of indoor air quality. Even prior to the current pandemic, research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that 50% of all illnesses are caused by poor indoor air quality.


      Increased Airflow

      Cleaner-Healthier Air

     Lower Heating & Cooling Costs

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Take a step towards a healthy,

comfortable, & energy-efficient school!

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Nerva Energy delivers verified real-world results through

a suite of award-winning, proven technologies. 

Our mission is to help schools decrease operational costs, maximize

efficiencies, and improve indoor air quality for students and staff.


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